Saturday, September 05, 2009

Summer's end......

...though it seems to have returned agaon today. Maggie was right about the garden guilt. Everything looks tired, going to have a good tidy today. I was asked about making slide shows and as I couldn't remember for the life of me what you did I made another. Not exactly the last roses of summer but a lovely reminder.

Hope you like the "swooshy" bit Maggie.


sharon young said...

Lovely slide show, Pat, will be good to watch in the midst of winter.

Many thanks for your comment on my post, the balloon ride was my second time, but this one was a bit more scary and needed a bit of TLC from my DH not to panic.

Clare W said...

Yes I was in the same mind today. I tidied most of one horrendously weedy border and I got my 10 year old boy on lopping buddleas - her loved that. Why is it women like to grow things and men love to chop 'em down!