Monday, July 09, 2007

Flying by....

Time and the Tour de France..... I enjoyed yesterday morning in the sunshine waiting for the Tour de France to whizz by.

This was the road near us yesterday, it had a real carnival atmosphere with chairs on the pavement and early morning "brunch" being served and people airing their knowledge of the significance of the "Yellow jersey" and words like "peleton"

The support procession was quite good but the actual race went by in a flash of brightly coloured lycra. I decided to watch instead of photograph so this is all I took.

And so to TAST... this is my bullion stitch, it is done in a Stef Francis thread on a needle felted background.

they are quite tiny and in the continued absence of my scanner the photograph will have to do, it's not too bad if you click on the image.

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Stitchety Grub said...

My hubby and son and I watch the Tour religiously every year although it isn't screened on our TV here is West Aussie until 10.30pm until late (thank goodness for DVD recorders!) How lucky for you to be able to experience the atmosphere and lovely weather too as I know it's been yikky recently!).. Wow Robbie did a great ride!
Britt :-D