Monday, April 17, 2006


This is the "storyteller" cape I have just made for a friend's school. The children supplied the artwork themselves and it is wonderful. It didn't turn out as my first mind picture but then what does. I hope the children will be happy with it......that will be enough.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Birthday, Your Majesty

I am out of the country on holiday (Yeah!!) so this is a little early but I couldn't miss the opportunity to wish this remakable woman all the very best wishes for her birthday. She is a shining example, in this world of crude "celebrity",of how to behave when you are in the public eye.

Do you think she would consider bringing out a fitness video???? I would like to know her secrets as I would really like to think I could cope with her schedule when I am eighty.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Easter Bonnet

In Her Easter Bonnet

Remember when you wore your new outfit to church on Easter Sunday morning no matter what he temperature.

I have just remembered that in the town where I lived we made pasche eggs, these were dyed or painted and were used to decorate the sash windows of the houses, they stood in a line, each house vying with the next in number and decorative splendour. My favourites were the ones made with a primrose pressed against the shell,wrapped in onion skins and bound in cotton and then boilded. They were so beautiful. On Easter Sunday morning we rolled our eggs, one against the other, the persons egg that didn't smash was the champion. Didn't win anything.....the old ideal of the "taking part".

Happy Easter everyone.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Fastrack to nowhere

We used to live in the country,

But now we live in the town.

We haven't moved,

The council came and tore the hedges down.

They came to build a fast track

To get from here to there.

But thanks to all the traffic lights

I'm not going anywhere..

Oh yes! I am an admirer of Dartford's Fastrack, they said it there would be a bus every ten minutes and indeed there is. I stopped at the traffic light to let one bus go by and 500 yards and ten minutes later I stopped at the next set of lights to let the next bus go by.

Why in heaven's name could they have not have moved traffic to one side of the road and the buses to the other instead of having them criss-crossing back and forth. We have suffered months of road works and disruption and now it seems the inconvenience is to continue for ever.

To get to my friends house (and almost antwhere else I go) I now have to go through eleven sets of traffic lights where formerly there were only four!!!!!!!! I am a punctual person and now I cannot ever set out from home and know that I will be on time........... and the Fastrack goes nowhere I want to be.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Marks and Spencer re-write history!!!

Passing through M&S this morning in amongst their books I saw "The Best of MRS BEETONS Household Tips". As "Mrs Beeton's Household Management" is a book that I love to take from the library, now and then, I picked up the book thinking to treat myself for a fiver. The book fell open at........... "BASICS OF MICROWAVE COOKING" and I almost fell on the floor laughing, I shared the joke with another lady, we also liked Mrs B's advice on FREEZERS and, wait for it, CREDIT CARDS, we put the book back on the shelf and went our separate ways, chuckling.

The picture is from 1862, for the Englishwomen's Domestic Magazine published by MR Beeton, do you think the ladies are dicussing the relative merits of Visa and Maestro or whether the use their microwave for anything other than defrosting????

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Life is Full of Surpises

Well for my friend it will be for the next 40 days. She has just had a birthday and for her partner has chosen to give her a small gift every day, one for each year.
He has done this before and I think it sounds such fun. They don't have to be expensive presents, it is the suprise that is the essence. Lucky girl.

Picture is not my friend... just one of my ATC's .....a bit of romance.