Saturday, April 08, 2006

Marks and Spencer re-write history!!!

Passing through M&S this morning in amongst their books I saw "The Best of MRS BEETONS Household Tips". As "Mrs Beeton's Household Management" is a book that I love to take from the library, now and then, I picked up the book thinking to treat myself for a fiver. The book fell open at........... "BASICS OF MICROWAVE COOKING" and I almost fell on the floor laughing, I shared the joke with another lady, we also liked Mrs B's advice on FREEZERS and, wait for it, CREDIT CARDS, we put the book back on the shelf and went our separate ways, chuckling.

The picture is from 1862, for the Englishwomen's Domestic Magazine published by MR Beeton, do you think the ladies are dicussing the relative merits of Visa and Maestro or whether the use their microwave for anything other than defrosting????

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