Saturday, November 11, 2006

Block progress

These are the additions to block#s two and three?


Barbara C said...

Hi Pat, Your blocks are lovely. What method do you use for your photo transfers? They are really beautiful and I'd like to try something similar.

Pat said...

Thank Barbara, I make the digital collages in Paintshop Pro and then I print them onto cotton sheets which I buy from a company called Crafty Computer Papers here in the UK. They do a silk as well which is also lovely to use.

Barbara C said...

Thanks for your response! I've used both the cotton sheets you can put in your printer, and the transfer sheets you iron onto your own fabric. The transfers are nice because you can vary the look by using textured or even print fabrics, but they are stiff compared to the ones you print directly on to fabric. I keep hearing about the silk sheets, but I have yet to use them. Your blocks are wonderful, keep up the good work!