Sunday, October 22, 2006

Gold star and Painting yourself into corner

I was thrilled by some really kind comments from members of the class on my colour exercise and Sharton awarded me a gold star so I am tickled pink.
I started on the blocks. It started off fine but as soon as I started on the second round of piecing my troubles started. See below. It really was like painting yourself into the corner, you can see on the first block a sort of large ugly rectangle, same happened on the second block where quite frankly I cheated. (Bows head in shame) I am finding this great fun but quite difficult and am not at all sure about the results. Here are several lessons that I have learned.

1st: Don't finish off the stiching of your pieces because if you make a mistake they are a pain to unpick.

2nd: Move your supposrt fabric well out of the way before you trim your seams!!

3rd: Make sure you have overlapped your fabrics otherwise nasty little holes appear. Perhaps that's where embellishing started!!

4th If using a picture as a pivot make sure it has enough border as it gets eaten away as you go round. Heare are the four blocks I've made so far, holes and all

The blocks are about 9 inches square (at the moment).

Off to dye some lace for the next stage. What fun!


Anonymous said...

I can totally relate to your lessons learned!!! Same thing happened to me expecially lessons 1 and 2! LOL
I think you did great! My favorite is block #1 and hey that little 'oppsie' is the perfect spot for embellishements, really! I see you are also a fellow lover of Dupioni silk! My favorite!
OH what size are your blocks?

Anonymous said...

Thank you Pat! Have you looked at They ship international too. They have Dupioni silk at very good prices all the time. Usually around $8 somthing during a sale on the Promotionally Priced Dupioni Silk. Right now they have new stuff in and it's $10.95, but they always go on sale eventually. You have to watch for it though or it will disappear before you know it! This is the best prices I've found. I was really lucky to get to go to the warehouse sale!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Melissa. Your blocks look beautiful!
I am learning CQ too, and I still have a lot of problems trying to piece the blocks. However, I believe it is a matter of practise, and sooner or later we will master the technique!
I have been looking at your blog and I think you did a great job on it.
I will frequently visit it!

Pat said...

Thank you for your comments Virginia, you are always welcome.