Thursday, May 04, 2006

6 O'clock News

What on earth are the BBC up to with the Six O'clock News?

Intead of being informed in a an unemotional and impartial way the news of this country and the world, we are subjected to watching two or (when and expert is introduced)three or people having what amount private converations. These people either smirk or or use a terrible false gravitas to deliver the "news"."Well, Natasha"....."yes, george"...."what is the reaction Tom, Dick or Harry?" . "special reports" (the answer to this last is usually so obvious a child would know the answer) The two, plastic, "news" readers stand in artificial poses, in artificial settings while they dispense trivia and why does someone have to be flown to Scotland, Washington, Timbuctoo to deliver a few lines?? Presumably it is a the tax payers expense? i.e. MINE

I think I'll get my news from the Internet from now on, or the checkout at Sainsbury' will have more relevance.

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