Sunday, March 26, 2006

It's an Age Thing

After leaping round London on Thursday I jumped onto a bus to take me back to Charing Cross. Actually, you can't jump on and off a bus anymore, not like we used to.... ...but I digress.
When I jumped on this bus TWO people jumped up to give me their seat. Now the positive side of me would have said "Manners are not dead after all!" but the negative side of me (some people don't know there is another side!!) said "Grief I must look awful!"

A common experience, amongst us more mature people, is the moment when you see the reflection of an elderly woman in a shop window and realise it's you. It's quite a nasty shock. Thursday's experience was the same kind of shock and as my daughter said when I told her about it....... "Instant depresssion!"

I had a little experiment this morning on how to change the then to the now. The last one is called "Old head on Young Shoulders" and is probably pretty close to how I looked when I got on that bus..... scary huh!!!

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Kyla said...

OH know you have me laughting out loud.