Sunday, April 05, 2015

Keeping a secret......

for months now. Way back in September 2013 I treated myself to two stencils designed by Seth Apter and produced by Stencil Girl.

I was really pleased with them and I used them on my gelli plate. The TIME one spoke to me and the more I looked at it the more I had a picture in my mind  of Times Square in New York  with all the theatre and advertising lights.
How replicate that? beads. 
It has taken me nearly a year to complete, putting it away when I grew tired of picking beads out of the sofa, the carpet and other places.  When we had cats I used to blame them for the fact that beads spread everywhere but's me.
So here it is, I am pleased to say that Seth likes it and is happy for me to exhibit it.
and a close up
I have an idea to use the first stencil to decorate the lid of a box to hold all my UFO's but I think I will probably chose another medium rather than beads.

Thanks again Seth is was great fun.
Happy Easter everyone.

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