Thursday, December 10, 2009

It never rains......

well it rarely stops at the moment.  It's been a very up and down couple of weeks, low points, daughter trapped her finger in car door and then hurt her shoulder, son had to have his beautiful cat Shadow put to sleep because of a tumour and I lost a pendant that  I loved because  my daughter brought it back from Denmark for me and it was one of those very useful pieces. Yuk.

High points, son became a householder, there was no lasting damage to daughter and last night son and I went to the National to see Mark Ravenhill's  adaptation of Terry Pratchett's book Nation. We enjoyed the performance and then had the added bonus of meeting Sir Terry who had been sitting close by. Great stuff.

I was riveted by another performance during the interval of two young women sitting in the audience putting on their make up.  They had obviously come straight from the office and were "going on" after the play but it was fascinating because it wasn't just a quick dab with a powder puff , oh no, they laid out an array of pots and brushes which they wielded with great skill. I meant to check at the end to see if they had changed their clothes at some point during the second Act.

I can't remember the name of the shop, they sell clothes, but they must have cornered the market in old sewing machines.  I took tthese on my mobile phone so they are a bit grainy but I thought they would be fun to play with.

Here are some basic plays.

Have fun.


Clare Wassermann said...

particularly LOVE the last but one photo

Jackie said...

We all have those collections of downs. So sorry its your turn.
I heard Nation reviewed on several programmes . How lucky you are to be able to go to these things and to mooch around London.

Jackie said...

Oh my goodness! My brain! I even commented here but it didn't 'stick'. So sorry. I sent a link to your Japanese book video to Robyn of Art Propelled and she loved it and apparently linked back to it from her blog as an update.

vintagerockchick said...

I found your blog following a link from Jackie, referring to the sewing machines. I had seen them in a shop ages ago and thought they were wonderful. Wonder what they will do with them afterwards. Your comment about the two girls beautifiying themselves made me smile. I got the train the other day and the young woman opposite me spent about 20 minutes, putting various creams and lotions on, THEN, before applying a full make up - spent about five minutes plucking her chin! Apart from the fact she looked far to young to have a problem - is nothing sacred??? Perhaps next time I'm on a long journey I'll paint my toe nails or shave my legs!